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Michelle - Mother's Kitchen Extremely nice job, and satisfied!. I have printed this same flyer & Menu before with another company. And it was nothing like this. You will be my printer from now. Thanks again.
Shane - Goodguys plumbing You guys are awesome! Good quality and good service. Thanks guys!
Jose - J's Automotive My invoice turned out to be very good. And the business cards are good quality. I need more banners. I will call you next week- Jose
JR Management Solutions Dear - It's with tremendous satisfaction that I forward this note of appreciation to you. During my recent activities I was forced to make several quick orders with you to help meet client deadlines. As a result of your efficient and well-mannered Customer Care representative, I not only managed to meet my clients deadlines but more importantly, presented the foot forward to my client! Thank you so very much. I will be back soon...jr
Cynthia Martin - Remax Realtors I have tried a couple of other printers like Vista and over night print and so on. But I'm glad that I found you guys. You guys have the best quality and I got my cards in three days! The last time I had to wait for two weeks to get my cards and they were not even close this quality. Thank you Twisterprint and the staff. You guys are awesome!!!
Lori - Bella's Salon You guys rock! Love the quality!. You guys did an awesome design on my post cards. Love ya Twisterprint!
David - Petkelp I got your vmail. Thanks for following up with me re. my order from Twisterprint. The banners look good. Construction of banners is great and the color consistency is is very good. The only comment is that the banners actually printed out darker than I was looking for when compared to the target Pantones. However, this will not be a problem as the brighting lighting in trade shows tend 'bleach' the colors in these type of banners. I will be back for more items when I need them. I will also pass the word along re. your business. sincerely David
Sean Prior I got the business cards, they look great. Thanks, hold onto that template, I will order more in the future.
Tracy Mayers I want to thank you for doing such an excellent job on getting all our contracts printed up and delivered in such a timely manner. I was very surprised to see that all of our items ordered came at the same time considering the fact that I didn't get the last item to you until a couple of days later. Thank you for all your hard work you put into getting this order to us so quickly. When we are ready to reorder you will definitely be hearing back from me. Again thank you and looking forward to working with you again
Nikky - YAY!!! My cards came out SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you so much for working with me on this. I am very pleased. My best, Nikky
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