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1.       What file type of files can I send to

Pdf,jpg, jpeg, psd, tif, tiff, eps, ai, and png. Always flatten your file before sending to print.

2.       What file format should I send it:

Your file format needs to be in CMYK. Any other format will delay your order process. Please start your design in CMYK. And all pantone colors should be converted into CMYK before sending to print and it is a must.

3.       What resolutions should my file be?

             All your premium printing – 300dpi

             NCR Carbonless form printing - 300dpi.

             Wide format files can be on -  72dpi

4.       How much bleed should I allow when designing

Wide Format Printing – 0.5”Bleed

(i.e: If you need a 36”X60”{3’X5’} your file needs to be 36.5”X60.5”, and if you need 18”X24” corrugated plastic signs, your file needs to be 18.5”X 24.5”.

Premium Printing – 0.125”Bleed

(i.e.: If you are designing for business cards, your printed material size would be 2”X3.5”. However you should start designing your file as 2.125”X3.625” allowing a 0.125” bleed all around the card.  And if you are designing a 4”X6” post card, you should start it as 4.125”X6.125”, 300dpi on CMYK and send us your file with the 0.125 bleed all around the design)

NCR Carbonless printing: Same as the printing size. No Bleed is Required.

(i.e.: if you need the forms to be 8.5”X11”, you will design on the same size and send the files in the original size)

5.       How can I avoid my blue colors not to print as purple.

Please set your files to 100%C, 70%M, 0%Y, 0%K. As Blue is close to purple in the CMYK spectrum. Remember, use a low amount of magenta whenever using high amounts of cyan to avoid purple.                            

6.        How can I get Rich Black.

 Make sure your color value on K is at 100% in your CMKY ink values.

7.        Why does my business card crack around the edges?

When you have dark colors as the bleed, it will crack when cutting. This will be an exception in plastic business cards.

8.       Why does is crack in my print when scoring:

In some jobs where UV coating is applied, there may be cracking in the scored area. The more        you fold and unfold, the more it will crack. To avoid this, it is advisable that you place the order with NO UV coating.

9.       AkuaFoil File set up / preparation



10.      Foil Business cards Set up (Gold and Foil)



11.     Spot Aq Coating File Setup


12.       Spot UV file set up


More FAQ’s will be updated frequently…..please call us if you still need help with file setting.